Wednesday, July 23, 2008


My uncle, Jay Hart. He has taught me a lot about horses and cool board games like Ticket to Ride.


Over the fourth, I photographed some of uncle's and grandpa's horses. It was fun and proved to be pretty challenging. I only had a few minutes and would love to spend some more time with them. Chief ( in the black and white ), as it turns out, is a total camera hog. He also likes to get a little up close and personal and enjoys fogging up my lens. Cheyene on the other hand (the dark grey), does not appreciate a camera pointed towards her. 

Thursday, July 3, 2008


Kanosh is an exit off the I15 somewhere in Southern Utah. Ian and I drove past it and there is seriously not anything around. Its beautiful though.

Temple Steps

It has been said, that of all the places in Jerusalem, these steps here were walked by Christ. I thought the scriptures were fitting considering the significance of a place such as this. I was able to walk where Jesus walked.


This is a shot from when we went to visit the Western Wall. Our guide was really sweet and full of interesting information about it.

In Petra, they have a really cool ancient aqueduct system that makes for a great photograph.

The colors are to die for.

More Israel

This was our real first view of Jerusalem, with Dome of the Rock in the center. It's kind of hard to see, so click on it to make it bigger.